Which Company owns the i-Record Software Product?

i-Record for Portfolio Management & Share Accounting is a Registered Trademark product of i-Record Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company acquired from previous Owners Raj Software Technology Ltd.

Who are our Clients ?

Our Client-base includes Retail Investors, Traders, Chartered accountants, Financial Institutions, Individual financial Advisors, CFP's , Family Offices, Broking Houses , Asset Management Companies and others.

What purpose does it solve ?

The advent of i-record Portfolio Management and Accounting Software success has made an impact on various indian capital markets stakeholder's by providing them a product for solving their tedious workload of 10 days by compiling the same through software integration within an hour; by evading manual errors providing annual capital gain / loss report and giving you 10/10 in compliance .

How i-Record software can help you ?

i-Record is a leading Portfolio management and Accounting Software for managing Multi-Asset class Portfolio and Multi Broker Share Accounting, Share Market Transactions by Auto-Upload Contract Note Facility with plenty of features !!!

Oh Wait !!! Did we mention Exclusive ?

Why Should I Buy i-Record Portfolio Management & Accounting Software?

The software is used by infinite participants of Financial Services and Capital Markets Community. You’ll be astonished to know that i-Record Software has been dominating the industry since past 12 years and has become an elite preferred choice of software for entire investing community in India and abroad.

Over the years , iRecord - Portfolio Management & Share Accounting Software has significantly embarked it's glory by serving happy customers.

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